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Activates Testosterone for Men

Low testosterone makes men feel tired easily. This hormone is responsible for brain focus, motivation, muscle formation and libido functionality.


Dry Eye Buster

Dry eye condition may be a sign of eye aging. Dry eye not only makes one feel tired easily, it also increases the risk of eye infections.


Good Gut, Good Feminine Health

Bad fungal Candida infection not only leads to digestive problem. It increases the recurrence rate of vaginal infection as well.  


Healthy Women Hormone

Aging makes women's body produce lesser essential hormones. This leads to various symptoms such as low energy, dry skin, hot flush, night sweat, low libido etc.


Healthy Uric Acid

The high uric acid level is well known to cause a gout attack.  However, having a high uric acid for long-duration also increase the risk of kidney damage. 


Healthy Prostate

Prostate enlargement can be a normal aging process. However, it may sometimes cause unwanted symptoms such as urgency, straining & wake up at night to urinate.

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