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AndroGuard's Testofen, a specialised Trigonella foenum-graecum seed extract that helps:

  • reduces age-related symptoms of androgen decline.

  • activates free testosterone.

  • improves sexual function in healthy aging males.

  • improves muscle strength.



Scientifically Support


helps to activate Testosterone in the body.

Before Testofen® 

Bounded testosterone has proteins attached which cannot be used by cells, and is therefore inactive.

After Testofen® 

More free testosterone is available to be used by cells to build muscle, improve energy levels and male characteristic.


Testofen® captures and binds SHBG proteins and releases more active testosterone (free testosterone) into the blood.


SHBG protein 



helps increase the body’s Active Testosterone levels through the Natural Way


Why AndroGuard with Testofen?


Standardised with the active saponin Fenuside

Fortified with Panex ginseng C.A. Meyer extract which invigorates energy, vitality and endurance.

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Men's anti-aging formulation supports masculinity, vitality and health 

Herbs formulation in tablet form, suitable for vegetarian


Frequently asked questions

How do I take AndroGuard?

Recommend to take 1 tablet AndroGuard 3 times daily after a meal for optimal result. Once the condition is improved, can maintain with 1 tablet 2 times daily after meals.

Who should take AndroGuard?

Those who stepping into the age of 40, showing the sign and symptoms of having low testosterone level, such as: - Consistently lack of energy - Lack of stamina - Not able to focus - Lack of desire - Unable to concentrate - Low sexual desire - Weak muscle strength

Any side effects taking AndroGuard?

AndroGuard's Testofen® is a patented extract from Fenugreek. It works by activating our own body's Testosterones. Therefore, it DOESN’T cause effects to your heart or prostate. The most common complains are stomach discomfort and heatiness, which can be solved by taking it after meal and drink more water.

How soon can I see results after taking AndroGuard?

In Australia, clinical trials show that it helps to increase the body’s ACTIVE Testosterone, build muscles and lose fats in 8 weeks trial, with 3 capsules after meal a day.

How to know whether I have low testosterone level?

Simply answering the ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males) questionnaire consists of 10 questions that help determine if a male patient suffers from androgen deficiency (low testosterone) and whether or not further testing and follow-up are needed. Click the link below for the test

Is AndroGuard certified Halal?

Yes, AndroGuard is Halal certified by Al Iman Islamic Society of Australia.


Click HERE to check your T-Score by answer a simple ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males) questionnaire


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