CrystaGuard formulated with triple herbs formulation to:

  • maintain healthy uric acid level

  • reduce inflammation

  • reduce pain


Scientifically Support


helps to activate Testosterone in the body.

Before Testofen® 

Bounded testosterone has proteins attached which cannot be used by cells, and is therefore inactive.

After Testofen® 

More free testosterone is available to be used by cells to build muscle, improve energy levels and male characteristic.

SHBG protein 



helps increase the body’s Active Testosterone levels through the Natural Way


Why AndroGuard with Testofen?


Standardised with the active saponin Fenuside

Fortified with Panex ginseng C.A. Meyer extract which invigorates energy, vitality and endurance.

Men's anti-aging formulation supports masculinity, vitality and health 

Backed by Human Clinical Trials

Herbs formulation in tablet form, suitable for vegetarian


Click HERE to check your T-Score by answer a simple ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males) questionnaire

AndroGuard Explainer Video
AndroGuard Explainer Video
Testofen by Dr. Paul Clayton
Testofen by Dr. Paul Clayton

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