About CrystaGuard

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take CrystaGuard?

Treatment: Recommend to take 2 capsules CrystaGuard 2 times daily after meals for optimal result. Maintenance: Take 2 capsules daily after meal.

What should I expected after taking CrystaGuard?

It is expected have a reduction in uric acid level after a month taking crystaguard. The clinical study showing it is having optimal reduction at 2nd to 3rd months after taking the supplements. Gout patient are advised to continue their usual medication when just start taking CrystaGuard as the optimal uric acid reduction achieved only in the 2nd months onwards.

Who should take CrystaGuard?

- High Uric Acid patients. - Gout patients.

What is the uniqueness for CrystaGuard?

CrystaGuard is a combination of 3 herbs formula: - Effective helps in reducing uric acid level. - Protect kidney through reduction of uric acid crystallization and oxidative stress. - Reduce pain and inflammation.

What is the optimal management for high uric acid patients?

Instead of just focusing on the mangement of gout, high uric acid patients need to look into other aspects for optimal protection: 1. Maintain a healthy uric acid level - reduce the gouty pain with pain killers doesn't solve the underlying cause which is high uric acid level in the blood. It is essential to reduce and maintain the uric acid level below 7mg/dL (0.42mmol/L) 2. Reduce inflammation/pain - chronic high uric aicd increases risk of interstitial urate deposit. These urate deposits can lead to inflammation in joints and other organs such as kidneys, causing pain to the patients and eventually affects the quality of life. 3. Protect kidney from further damage - other than joints, renal manifestations possess higher risks to high uric acid patients. With or without gouty symptoms, it is essential for high uric acid patients to protect kidneys from further potential damage.