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Women's Hormones: Naturally Balanced

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Did You Know?

Why do women feel so much?

Some facts about women's hormones may explain everything.

  • The ovaries produce the sex hormones, e.g. estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

  • An imbalance of these hormones in women can lead to various conditions, such as irregular periods, weight gain, mood swings, and infertility.

  • Women's hormone production declines as they age.

  • Menopause symptoms are indications that a woman's body is undergoing a hormonal transition.

Estrogen isn't the only hormone women need! Testosterone is important too.


In order to maintain optimal health, women need both estrogen and testosterone levels in their bodies.


However, many women have low levels of one or both of these hormones, which can lead to a variety of health problems, particularly when they are reaching menopause age:

  • Decreased sex drive

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle weakness

  • Depression

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Hot flashes

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Product Highlight

  • Empowering Females with Libifem® + Maca root powder.

  • Improve women's well-being.

  • Improve energy and vitality.

  • Helps reduce normal symptoms of menopause
    such as hot flushes and night sweats.

  • Supports healthy sexual desire in women

  • Increases estradiol and testosterone within a healthy range.

What is Libifem®?

  • Libifem® is a standardized fenugreek extract clinically proven to support menopausal symptoms and sexual health.

  • It has been shown effective in two clinical studies on women: [1]

    • ​Libifem® was shown to reduce normal symptoms of menopause (including hot flushes, night sweats and sweating) in 12 weeks. While the secondary outcomes also showed that Libifem has no side effects.

    • It promotes female sexual desire and experience, tested in an 8-week.

Product Details and Dosage

Each capsule (400g) contains: Fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum) seed extract 200mg (standardized to min. 50% fenusides) Maca (Lepidium meyenii) root powder 100mg

Directions: Direction: Take 1 capsule two-three times a day after meals. Keep it in a cool, dry place. Keep out of children's reach.

  • Is VG-Guard suitable for children?
    VG-Guard is suitable for children 12 years and above.
  • Can I take it during pregnancy?
    Yes, VG-Guard is safe to take during pregnancy. However, the first trimester white discharge normally due to fluctuation of hormone. You may monitor and decide to take the supplement after the hormone level is more stable after the 3rd months.
  • Any side effects taking VG-Guard?
    Some may have loose stool when first time taking VG-Guard (Not cramping pain diarrhoea). The condition normally will improve in 2nd to 3rd weeks continuously taking VG-Guard.
  • Is takes how long for me to see the improvement on the condition?
    Depending on the condition. Some with minor candida overgrwoth can notice the improvment as fast within 2 weeks, we recommend a 2 months continuos intake to see the optimal result.
  • Should I take VG-Guard for long term?
    VG-Guard is a yeast strain probiotic supplement. One can stop at any time or you may take 1 capsule daily as a preventive supplement.
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