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ProGuard ADV, a supplement for men 35 and over, when focusing on prostate health is recommended. Contains patented saw palmetto extract (Sabalselect® from Italy),  pumpkin seed oil & Lycopene to support healthy prostate function:​

  • Reduce inflammation & enlargement

  • Relieve prostate and bladder pain

  • Support normal urinary flow

  • Reduce oxidative stress & cancer risk

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Men experience prostate gland enlargement as they age. This is referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). In fact, the condition affects roughly half of men between the ages of 51 and 60. BPH usually doesn't not cause cancer, however if you have a high PSA (prostate specific antigen) level in blood test, it may be a sign of prostate cancer risk.


The following are some additional symptoms of an enlarged prostate:

  • Finding it difficult to start peeing

  • Straining to pee

  • Having a weak flow of urine

  • Needing to pee urgently and/or frequently

  • Needing to get up frequently in the night to pee

  • Accidentally leaking urine (urinary incontinence)


Key ingredients in ProGuard ADV have been clinically shown to:


Improve urine flow

Reduce frequency

for night urination

Relieve pain

due to urination

Reduce oxidative

& inflammation stress

Features & Benefits

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3 in 1 synergistic formula

ProGuard ADV logo.png

Relieve pain by  controlling enlargement progression

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Better sleep by cutting down frequency for night urination by 60% 

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Reduce inflammation and cancer risk with high antioxidant lycopene extract. 

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Natural ingredients that have been clinically studied

ProGuard ADV is formulated with 3 synergistic ingredients in supporting prostate health - Sabalselect®, pumpkin seed oil and lycopene extract.
SABALSELECT®, extracted with hypercritical CO2 process, has a defined chemical profile with reproducible phytochemical characteristics. SABALSELECT® has been extensively evaluated in vitro, in vivo and nine clinical studies are underlining its effective activity for supporting healthy prostate function.

ProGuard ADV Ingredients and Usage


Directions: Take 1 softgel two times daily after meal

Keep it in a cool, dry place. Keep out of children's reach.

Contraindicated in pregnant women. Insufficient reliable data in breastfeeding women.

Each ProGuard ADV softgel contains:

Sabalselect  (Serenoa repens berry) fruit extract   160mg

(providing Serena repens dried fruit 1440mg,

providing fatty acids 144mg)

Cucurbita pepo seed oil (Pumpkin Seed)   200mg

Lycopene extract   2.5mg

Frequently asked questions

Who can take The PrimAGE ProGuard ADV?

Anyone with concern of prostate health. - Those with lower urinary tract symptoms due to prostate enlargement. (e.g. frequently urge for urination, always wake up at night to urinate, low urine flow, strain or pain when urinate) - Those concern with prostate health. - Those wish to cut down risk of prostate cancer. - Those concern with fertility issue. (unhealthy prostate lower semen production which is needed for sperm cells viable)

How soon can I see results after taking ProGuard ADV?

The studies shows sabalselect® improve prostate enlargement sign and symptoms in 12 weeks time. It able to improve volume of urine by 46%, lower night urination frequency by 60% and relieve pain during urination by 62.5%

Is ProGuard ADV suitable for vegetarian?

As the softgel contains bovine, ProGuardADV may not suitable for vegetarian consumer.


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